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Flax Seed Fill



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1 lb. USA Grown Golden Flax Seed

Sometimes, things just happen! If you've accidentally burnt your therapy pillow's contents by heating it too long in your microwave or crock pot, you need to empty out your pillow, throw out the nasty burnt fill, machine wash & dry it to get out the odor, then refill with new Flax Seed, as well as fresh herbs if you'd like.

We're happy to sell you fresh, USA grown golden Flax Seed in just the right amount for your pillow ~ and at a
very reasonable cost which includes your shipping, as always ~ of course.

Simply check out your pillow's weight right here on our site. Order the exact pounds you need to refill & start enjoying your TLC therapy pillow again soon!

Note: Again, once your contents burn, you might as well just throw them out, because trust us  ~ that smell will never go away! But no worries. Just place your order here & you're therapy pillow will be good as new in no time.

To learn more about why we feel golden Flax Seed is simply the perfect fill for your hot/cold therapy pillow, please visit our Pillows Faqs page.