TLC Beginnings ...

Years ago my darling niece 
was born. Someone had given her as a shower gift a Boo Boo Bear filled with fragrant herbs & flax seed. I was intrigued because I'd never seen anything like it, & as I held this little bear in my hands I honestly experienced something akin to an epiphany!

My thoughts at the time were... "Whaaat? This is filled with flax seed & herbs? And you heat or chill it? And it calms you, & helps with your pain? This is awesome! I want to design & offer these to hurting people every where!".... And so I have now for over a decade! It makes me happy knowing my products are being used in such a personal way to relieve pain  & stress.

More recently on my journey of selling TLC therapy pillows at local markets & on-line, it was brought to my attention that many pets have serious fear & anxiety during storms. I knew of a few products that helped with this issue, but felt they had some serious flaws. So, back to my design board. And after much trial & error TLC Placid Pet Herbal Bandanas were launched.

Same sweet niece, all grown up & helping me at market :)

I am happy to say that at this point, I've helped close to 4000 scared & anxious pets to calm down with this wonderful, needed product. It has in fact become a top seller, & though I'm proud of all my products this one's my 'baby' - because it's such a cute & simple solution to such a disconcerting problem! I thank you for allowing me to help soothe & calm your pets, as well as help you with your personal pain, stress, & relaxation!.... And lastly, as most growing businesses do, other beautiful aromatherapy items have been designed & added along the way ~ Candles, Oils, Incense, etc. When I participate in outdoor markets I hear all the time, "We smelled your tent from way down the block!" Luv it ;)
Oh... & those of you who know me, know I love my fur babies! My puggle, Buddy, I literally rescued off a 6 lane highway. I'm also the adopted Mom of a handsome, ornery stray cat who decided I would do. As he is a total stud, I felt it appropriate to name him Danny Zuko, from the movie 'Grease'. 

Thanks for visiting, & e
njoy my site!
Hugs & blessings to you my friend, Luv d.

Mission Statement ~
TLC Herbal Therapy is committed to helping people & their pets manage pain, stress, & anxiety through my premium quality, aroma therapy based products. My motto is “Herbal Therapy for Happy Humans & Pets” & my goal is to be the #1 company in this very specific, niche industry by providing beautifully crafted, holistic products that calm, soothe, & delight the senses, because we all need a little TLC ~ Tender Loving Care.