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Anti-Anxiety Pet Bandanas

Nearly 4000 happy pets helped & MANY great reviews sent in from HAPPY pet owners! Check out what my customers are saying about this amazing product!

TLC's Placid Pet Herbal Bandana is a holistic, effective alternative for calming pet fear & anxiety ~ you just tie it around your pet's neck. No more struggling with bulky storm jackets when your pet wakes you up in the middle of the night shaking & upset. Most dogs calm down within minutes & just go back to sleep.

My 'anti-anxiety' Bandana is washable & its scents refillable. To machine wash, you simply open up the hook-n-loop enclosure, empty its herb & aroma-granule contents into a bowl & set aside... then replace them when your pet's bandana has dried...To renew its aromatherapy properties any time, you may re-order an Herb Refresh Pac filled with freshly scented herbs & aroma-granules for a very nominal fee.

holistic, & reasonably priced pet product to combat fear ~ TLC's bandana is MORE EFFECTIVE than the competition, EASIER to put on, & it COSTS LESS! If other storm fear & pet anxiety products have not performed up to your hopes & expectations, I encourage you to try my Placid Pet Herbal Bandana, & I believe you'll be impressed ~ completely natural & only through TLC!  Hands down my #1 TOP SELLER! 


TLC Calm Pets give it a 'paws up' :)


Lavender & Chamomile are traditionally known as herbs proven to calm down the central nervous systems of humans & animals alike. TLC Placid Pet Bandanas work by increasing Alpha brain waves, a brain activity that occurs when one is in a quiet, relaxed state. Inhaling these Herbal Essential Oils also diminishes the brain's Beta waves which stimulate & activate awareness. In addition, Peppermint has been proven to ease dog fear & anxiety, so when your pet breathes the gentle aromas inside his or her bandana, a very natural, peaceful calm occurs, taking the edge off of fear & anxiety, in about 5-15 minutes. Simply put, these three, wonderfully calming herbs form a synergistic, strong cord of defense against pet anxiety in all situations: storms, fireworks, car rides, trips to the vet or groomers, new company or pets, separation anxiety, rescue pet issues, etc.
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