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Aromatic Herbs

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Freshly Dried Fragrant Herbs ~

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1 oz. of Aromatic Herbs ~ Your choice of scent

Have the herbal aromas waned in your therapy pillow? Simply adding new, dried herbs will bring your pillow's aromatherapy properties back to life again! You may also wish to use my herbs in any number of other applications: soap, food, etc. You'll love their quality, I promise!

How much to consider is up to you. I recommend about 1 oz. per 3 lb. pillow weight... Enjoy the soothing scent you fell in love with when you first purchased your pillow!

Note: Unless you've burnt the inner contents, adding new herbs may be all you need ~ Simply open your pillow at its hook-n-loop enclosure & pour fresh herbs into the mix along with your pillow's original fill. Close your pillow & shake well .... However, if the flax seed is burnt, 
it may be time to invest in a new pillow, or you may also consider purchasing whole flax seeds at your local feed or health food store & refilling the pillow yourself. 

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