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Big Daddy ~ Extra Large 6 lb. Microwavable Heating Pad

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Extra long heating pad to cover more area... Heat time in 1000 watt microwave: 5 min.

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Dimensions:  26" x 14" - 6 lb.

The heat is ON with Big Daddy. I designed this super sized pillow for folks with a bit more girth, or for those who just want MORE comfort! Either way, Big Daddy delivers. This over sized pillow is truly an effective heating pad for BIG sized pain. 

Big Daddy makes a wonderful, weighty bed partner, plus it will remain warm for hours under the covers while offering peace of mind, because there is absolutely no danger of electrical burns or starting a fire! Featuring 7 baffled channels to keep its inner contents from bunching up, this pillow is very comfortable to lay directly on top of. Its length will give comfort from the neck all the way down to the base of the spine, even for those with very long torsos!

Scrunched, draped, or folded into pretty much any shape you desire ~ this is a BIG favorite! No traditional heating pad can remotely compare to the comfort, versatility, & portability of Big Daddy.

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