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Bolster Wrap ~ Versatile, Microwavable Heated Body Pillow

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Versatile hot/cold pillow can be used many ways, including a firm bolster

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Dimensions:  25" x 5" - 3 lb.

I absolutely love this pillow due to its versatility! If you are thinking of purchasing a TLC pillow, but aren't sure which would be the best or most appreciated, this is the one I might recommend! It doesn't matter where you're hurting ~ the Bolster Wrap can help! It can be scrunched into just about any position & placed wherever you need it for relief of pain & discomfort, making it perfect for those on the go, who refuse to let body aches slow them down!

It helps work all of those kinks out of a sore neck, & performs exceptionally well for lower back pain! Loosely filled, it can be wrapped around the small of the back & placed beneath you while reclining or in prone position. When heated, it feels so amazing hugging your spine, lower back or sides.

Knees sore from gardening? Nursing a sports injury? Tendinitis giving you pain? Simply heat & wrap this versatile pillow around you for immediate relief. Perfect for adults, as well as young children. I believe the Bolster Wrap will soon become your favorite 'go-to' pillow!

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