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Healing Heart ~ 3 lb Microwavable Hot Pillow

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Heavy Heart pillow perfect for rotator cuff injury, neck stress, & mentrual cramps

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Dimensions:  11" x 12" - 3 lb.

Most have found this large, heart shaped, fully filled therapy pillow to help relieve pain associated with menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, backache, rotatory cuff injury, neck pain, plus many other physical discomforts. Wonderful for aiding in post-op heart surgery, it can help shorten most convalescent times, as well.

After a long, hard day, it is also the perfect pillow to simply hug securely & snuggle up with in bed - it fits 'just right' in the small of the neck, making it a wonderful neck & head support pillow for reading or watching TV. Indeed, its weight, heat, and soothing aromas help to comfort both physically & emotionally, making it easy to settle in for a peaceful night's sleep.

A perfect shower gift for the Mom-to-Be ~ this heart has been used for birthing comfort, as a nursing compression pillow, & to help soothe a gassy colicky baby.

My Healing Heart is also used in group homes, hospices, & nursing facilities & has proven to be a comfort to people experiencing emotional pain, those going through grief therapy, & those in life's final stages.

This is just a lovely, multi-purpose pillow, & makes a very thoughtful, unique gift sure to be appreciated!

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