TLC's aromatic herbs & botanicals provide additional relaxing & rejuvenating benefits!

Herbal therapy in this application is the use of aromatic herbs to gain psychological & physically therapeutic benefits obtained through inhalation. The resulting physiological changes to our Alpha brainwaves is a naturally induced state of calmness & serenity.

Herbs also work with the moist heat & weight of flax seeds to stimulate circulation, release toxins from muscles & joints, reduce swelling, relieve pain, promote relaxation, facilitate & enhance sleep, alleviate physical tension, & help ease depression & mental stress!

All unique blends have been carefully considered not only for their fragrance, but how they affect us mentally & physically. Also, they are ordered & mixed in very small batches to ensure freshness ~ only the highest quality ingredients go into TLC pillows. 

Not sure what herbs to add when gifting a pillow?  I might recommend Lavender Sky, my original herbal blend, which includes Lavender, Spearmint, Rosemary, Calendula, Marjoram, Lemon Balm, & Bay Laurel. A customer favorite!

Lavender Sky ~ TLC's original calming & centering blend 

Lavender Chamomile ~ Sweet meadow, floral, sedating

Lavender Spearmint ~ Fresh. minty herbs calm & uplift 

Lavender Sage ~ Earthy, mysterious, clarifying, restorative

Lavender Mandarin ~ Rich, sensuous, unique, very popular

Lavender Rose ~ Romantic, soft, floral overtones, feminine

French Lavender ~ Highly sedative, pure herbal relaxation

Chamomile ~ Sweet meadow, tea like, pure, strong sedative

Sweet Dreamzzz ~ Lavender, chamomile, rose, & mugwort.

White Sage ~ Earthy, clean, restorative, & clarifying

Mandarin Sage ~ Far Eastern, exotic, unique, deep, sensual

Cinnamon Spice ~ Rich & complex, spicy, exotic, aromatic

Balsam Fir Pine ~ Clean, strong, long lasting, outdoor fresh

Just Breathe ~ Minty, highly mentholated, strong, effective

Herb Free ~ Just Flax Seed ~ no herbs, neutral, mild aroma