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Herbal Bug Spray ~ No-see-ums Beware

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Fresh, lemon scented, & super effective!
8 oz. bottle

You may have tried holistic bug repellents before with just okay results... but you will LOVE my TLC Herbal Bug Spray! I have generously included every known, natural, insect hating essential oil in this fresh smelling spray... And after several seasons, with a lot of customer feedback, & repeat purchases, I feel confident you will really like & use! 

I've had young mothers tell me this works way better on their babies than those supposedly designed to do so.... It repels mosquitoes, biting flies, & especially noseeums. (Ugh, the worst!!!) .... Ticks, fleas, and ants are not so crazy about it's scent either. Just shake & spray!

Thoroughly tested in tropic Florida :)