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Herbal Eye Wrap

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Eye Pillow for yoga, massage treatment sessions, travel - 8 oz.

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Dimensions:   9" x 4" - 7 oz.

My Eye \Wrap provides a soothing sensory retreat during treatment! Guaranteed to block out all light, its gentle weight & lovely aromas make a nice, relaxing addition to your client's treatment time. It will remain in place with the head slightly tilted back or in a prone position. Very effective for soothing puffiness & eye fatigue!

Home Users:
The Eye Wrap's gentle weight & lovely aromas make this little pillow a nice, addition to your 'Me Time'. It will remain in place with your head slightly tilted back, & is guaranteed to block out light! Perfect for traveling, or transforming a very public environment to one a little more private. Regardless, this little eye pillow works beautifully!  

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