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Large Comfort Wrap ~ 4.5 lb Microwavable Heated Neck Wrap

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4.5 lb horseshoe shaped neck pillow perfect for men & larger or fit women

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Dimensions:  16" x 13" - 4.5 lb.

Ever feel as if you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Most of us do from time to time! For those who tend to carry tension in their shoulders & neck, nothing beats the gratifying results gained by warming this heavy pillow & allowing its moist heat & weight to act as a reliever of stress, muscle fatigue, & pain. Tense muscles & shoulders gently return to their normal position & relaxed state. Ahhh!

A must have for home or office, Comfort Wrap's counter-pressure design keeps muscles gently stretched instead of tightened, while helping improve circulation to the surrounding group of muscles. It also acts as a counter-balance; aligning the spine & improving posture.

The Comfort Wrap is highly valued by fibromyalgia sufferers, as the shoulder & chest regions are often the greatest source of discomfort. For those who experience migraines as a result of muscle tension along the spine, shoulders, & neck, this pillow has been proven to be a valued relaxation tool as well.

Even older injuries such as whiplash - plus many other injuries involving muscle scar tissue & where pain continues to be problematic will respond to the weight & warmth of this generously proportioned herbal therapy pillow. My large pillow is just the right size & weight for most healthy teens & adults.

I included both of these pillows, because I wanted you to see the difference in size between my Large & Small Comfort Wraps...something the larger one is capable of, due to it's extra fabric & fill, is to settle back farther on your shoulders, while staying put to get heat into your lower trapezium muscle group. You can also flip the 'wings' outward to create a very snug neck warmer. Just lean back against your chair or headboard & you will enjoy this therapy pillow so much, I promise!

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