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Large Heating Pad ~ 5 lb. Microwavable Heating Pad

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Large Heating Pad - all purpose 5 lb.hot/cold herbal therapy pillow

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Dimensions:  19" x 12" - 5 lb.

My Large, 5 lb. Heating Pad is very versatile! It can be folded & used for neck pain & support, or kept flat for relief of shoulder, back, hip, abdomen, & chest pain. It can also be wrapped around calves or thighs for those nighttime leg cramps, or placed at the foot of my bed to warm cold feet. It just makes a nice, all purpose heating pad for all areas of the body! The Large Heating Pad will also remain warm for hours under the covers; plus there's no danger of electrical burns, accidentally starting a fire, or experiencing negative side effects electrical currents may have on the body! A household must-have, this innovative heating pad features 3 baffled channels to keep its flax & herbs evenly distributed. Such a practical, wonderfully effective pillow is sure to be appreciated by any gift recipient, & used for years to come!

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