1. Lavender Sachet Trio

Lavender Sachet Trio

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These Darling Sachets feature French Lavender & Herbs in a Lavender Organza bag. All are French Lavender. Herbs added for variety.

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Lavender Sachets

Dimensions: 3" high x 2 3/4" wide ~ 1/2 oz.

These are simply sweet, old fashioned 'niceties' ... You may choose classic French Lavender, or 5 other relaxing, beautiful pairings of French Lavender plus Rose, Sage, Mandarin, Vanilla, or Chamomile which I've put together for scent variety. 

These little organza bags may be hung in your closets to ward away moths, placed in your suitcases when traveling to avert coming home with bed bugs, or simply placed in your undie drawers to make your lingerie smell yummy! Some enjoy placing sachets inside a pillow case or on their night stand to breath, while settling in to sleep. Others like to keep them in their car cubby to keep the interior cab of their car smelling fresh, while perhaps keeping 'road rage' at bay. The awesome thing about Lavender is the fact that it literally lasts YEARS!  When you notice the scent of your sachet waning, simply squeeze to bring out the lovely Lavender aroma again. It's truly one of natures longest lasting fragrances.

If you are getting married or having any personal celebration, please contact me for bulk pricing!