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Rose and Lavender Water

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My Scented Waters are beautiful and feminine. Both have ample amounts of fragrance included. Just Lovely!

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8 oz. bottles

TLC's French Lavender Water is exquisite & highly fragrant, as I've chosen to add extra Lavender EO,  and use only the very BEST French Lavender! It is a top seller at my markets & now available on line. Spray on your linens for a lovely way to settle into sleep, use in ironing, to freshen the powder room or your pets, or use as a face astringent. Lovely packaging & a feminine, appreciated gift all year round. 

My Rose Water is a recent addition. I really searched for a high quality, true Rose EO that wouldn't make this smell like something your Grammy used to wear... if my customer feedback is any indication, I've succeeded. For staying power, I've also included a lovely, rose fragrance oil as well. If you are a Rose Girl, you will LOVE, I promise.