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Little Heart ~ 2 lb Microwavable Hot Pillow

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Perfect 2 lb. hot/cold pillow for cramps, sore neck, elderly & children

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Dimensions:  9.5" x 10" - 2 lb.

My Little Heart is the perfect 'cramps' pillow for that time of the month. Its shape fits a woman's body perfectly to pull out nasty toxins & pain in no time. It's also a very nice travel pillow for neck & shoulder tension.This 2 lb. heart also makes a sweet child's gift idea! So soft, nice smelling - it's sure to become your recipient's favorite pillow!

Grandparents, this is the gift that says, "I love you" no matter what! Parents, as a time-out pillow, its warmth & sweetness will help soothe & smooth that grumpy mood & will also remind children they are loved, even though their behavior may not be so lovely at times!

Used for children's ear aches, tummy aches, colds, fever, and those unexpected boo boos, Little Heart may be warmed, chilled, or left at room temperature. Such a thoughtful hospital gift idea as well. Many moms & dads like to warm & tuck this heart pillow into bed with their children, ensuring a night of rest & sweet dreams for all in the family!

My Little Heart is just the perfect pillow to baby your loved one of any age! Many adults who use this as a personal pain relief pillow appreciate the fact that it is 1 lb. lighter than my Healing Heart - a bit smaller & lighter, yet it offers all the same benefits! 

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