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Ours vs Theirs

Love How Our Placid Pet Herbal Bandana Has Helped Calm Your Pet's Anxiety?

Frankly, many people I talk to at all the markets I do are disappointed in the results of the Thundershirt, which is based on acupressure. And though a bit bulky & unwieldy to put on, when they work they are a great solution, as they do the identical thing as my Placid Pet Bandana - calm down your anxious pet... The problem is I hear over & over that this product works either mildly or not at all for my customer's fur babies.... I can say with great confidence that my bandana works for 99% of all dogs, as well as cats who will keep it on, lol. (I often omit the peppermint for my feline customers). Aromatherapy is the science behind my product, & I can assure you it is cuter & much easier to put on your pet - a bonus is it also makes your Darling smell divine :))

If my bandana has helped your pet, please write a REVIEW.... I really appreciate hearing from my Happy Pet Owners. Plus your words mean a lot to others who are looking for a solution that actually works, so don't be shy! I especially appreciate reviews from Customers who feel my Placid Pet Bandana is the BEST product they've ever used for Pet Anxiety.

Thanks so much for helping my business grow!