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Pillow Faqs

HERBS ~ How do herbs help my aches, pain, & stress?    
Herbs have been used medicinally for thousands of years for internal use. TLC's Herbal Blends are included in the therapy pillows primarily for their aromatherapy benefits. For more information, see Pillow Herbal Blends.

FLAX ~ Why did you choose flax seed as the main filler in your therapy pillows?
I chose to use 100% USA grown flax seed instead of much less expensive, more common fillers for several reasons: Not only is flax neutral in odor, but it also possesses superior heat absorption & retention qualities. As the seeds cool down, they produce moist heat! This unique thermal property is due to flax's high oil content (30-40%) - which is much greater than that of corn, rice, or most other grains & seed. Where most grain products tend to emit a 'cooked food smell' after heating, & eventually lose their ability to retain heat as the water cooks out of them, flax seed can be warmed again & again, & the seeds' smooth surface won't crack or crumble, even under repeated heating & cooling. Flax is also extremely pliable. As the seeds are very tiny & conform naturally to the body, they provide therapeutic compression with a weight & feeling almost liquid-like in nature. Lastly, flax blends sweetly with herbs. So for all these reasons, I believe flaxseed is worth the additional cost, & is the perfect filler for my high quality, herbal therapy pillows!

ULTRA-SUEDE ~ Why did you choose ultra-suede as the fabric cover for your pillows?
Ultra-suede is a wonderfully resilient, uncomplicated, yet luxurious modern fabric! I liked the fact that it is one of the easiest fabrics to keep clean, & is very stain resistant. Amazingly, ultra-suede also breathes just like cotton, allowing for efficient heating & cooling of my pillows inner contents. And lastly, it just feels so incredibly soft against the skin - like brushed, suede silk. To view TLC's color choices, please see Pillow Fabric Colors.

FRAGRANCE INTENSITY ~ Will my pillow's fragrance continue to remain this strong?
Due to the fact that I order & mix my herbs & spices in very small quantities to insure freshness, the intensity of your pillow's aroma may be strong initially. I've found the aromas tend to taper a bit after several warmings, & then remain fairly consistent for many months of use thereafter.

FRAGRANCE LONGEVITY ~ How often can I re-heat my pillow without it losing its scent?
Your pillow may be re-heated hundreds of times before its herbal aroma will start to diminish. At that point you might consider ordering a new pillow, or simply refresh yours with new herbs. If you are heating your pillow several times a day, it should stay fragrant for approximately 6 months to a year. If you plan on heating & using your pillow only occasionally, you can look forward to enjoying its lovely scent much longer. To best prolong the scent of your TLC herbal therapy pillow, I recommend you securely seal & store it in its original plastic bag between each use.

HERB FRESH PACS ~ ~ Can I re-order herbs to renew my pillow's scent?
Yes, you can! Herb Refresh Pacs are available to any TLC customer. You simply open your pillow's hook-n-loop seal, & pour the fresh herbs into your pillow. Very easy & cost-effective! 

ESSENTIAL OR FRAGRANCE OIL ~ Can I add these to my pillow to renew scent?
Yes, & this may be the most cost effective way to keep your pillow smelling strong! I offer a large selection of Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to refresh & renew your pillow's lovely scent.

ADJUSTING PILLOW FIRMNESS ~ I ordered one of your small bolsters & would prefer it to be a little less firm for my personal comfort. May I pour out some of its inner contents without harming the integrity of the pillow?
Of course! One of the unique features that sets TLC pillows apart from others is that every pillow is designed with a secure, hook-n-loop seal, which allows them to be opened & then resealed easily. So not only can new, fresh herbs or flax seed be added at any time, but personal comfort levels may also be obtained by adding or subtracting your pillow's inner fill contents!

HERB FREE ~ I'm sensitive to smells. Can I order my therapy pillow without any herbs?
Certainly! I'm happy to fill your pillow with flax only. You will still benefit from the weight of your therapy pillow, plus its cold, or moist heat; just not the additional aromatherapy & healing benefits our herbal blends provide. Simply select 'HERB FREE' in your pillow's Herbal Blend selection box when ordering.

HEATING INSTRUCTIONS ~ Do I need to take special precautions when heating my pillow?
Although ultra-suede is a fiber with style, comfort, & easy cleaning benefits, it is still a synthetic, & may be damaged if overheating occurs. Excessive heat may also cause the natural, internal contents to burn or lose their aroma properties; so it is very important that you read & follow the heating instructions included with your pillow! I have found that overheating rarely occurs when heating in a microwave with a turntable. However, if your microwave does not feature a turntable, please be sure to follow the non-turntable heating instructions to keep your pillow looking new. (It is simply a matter of reshifting & folding your pillow every minute or so to avoid hot spots) Make sure your pillow clears the inner walls of your microwave as it rotates, & always check for food or grease spills on the glass plate, as these can generate hot spots which may potentially cause your pillow contents to burn or fabric to melt. This is a very important travel tip when heating your TLC pillow in publicly used microwaves! PLEASE NOTE: A TLC PILLOW THAT HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY OVER HEATING, MICROWAVE HOT SPOTS, OR BY IMPROPERLY HEATING IN A CONVENTIONAL OVEN OR ANY OTHER NON-RECOMMENDED HEATING ELEMENT CAN NOT BE REPLACED, OR REFUNDED.

HEATING IN CROCK POT ~ I do not own a microwave. Can I heat your aromatherapy pillows in my crock pot?
Yes! I understand that some people simply do not like, nor use microwaves. No problem! As long as you do not turn the heat up past 300 degrees, it is perfectly safe & acceptable to heat my pillows in a crock pot without concerns of burning the contents or fabric. However, depending upon the size & weight of your pillow, it may take up to an hour to achieve desired warmth, & do check on & turn your pillow over every 15 minutes or so in order to heat inner contents evenly. Heating in a Towel Warmer is another great option.

HEATING TIMES ~ How many minutes do I heat my TLC pillow in the microwave?
Your TLC herbal therapy pillow will come with individual heating & cooling instructions. Depending on the size of your pillow & the wattage of your microwave, it will be anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Note: All of my pillows have been tested in a 1000 watt microwave oven. The higher wattage your microwave is, the less time will be required to heat your pillow for maximum comfort & stress relief. If your microwave is more or less powerful than 1000 watts, I recommend adding or subtracting in 20 second increments until you are content with the warmth produced by your pillow.

RE-HEATING PILLOW ~ How long will my pillow stay warm?
My larger pillows will hold warmth up to 45 minutes - for hours if kept under warm bed covers! When your pillow starts to cool, reheat it for no more than approximately 1/2 of the original time indicated, as the core of its inner contents will still be holding heat, although you may not be feeling it as much. By re-warming for only 1/2 of the original minutes indicated on your pillow's individual heating instructions, you will avoid burning the inner contents, as well as experiencing the discomfort of your therapy pillow feeling too warm on your skin initially. Sometimes, all it takes is re-shifting the inner flax & herb contents to make it feel warm again, prior to re-heating.

MOIST HEAT THERAPY ~ What are the therapeutic advantages of moist heat vs dry heat?
Moist heat generated from the flax seed in your pillow produces a slight steaming action, & permeates your skin more quickly than dry heat. This results in immediate relief of aching joints & muscles. In some cases, it has been proven even more effective than aspirin or ibuprofen for providing fast & long lasting pain relief! Moist heat has also proven superior to dry heat because it actually increases circulation, thereby speeding recovery! This is accomplished by its ability to help usher in fresh blood cells, while assisting in flushing out unnecessary body wastes that hinder healing. Moist heat also gets deeper into tissues than ordinary dry heat, & this also helps to accelerate soft tissue repair, increase blood flow, decrease muscle spasms & pain, & to ultimately speed up the entire healing process! In addition to moist heat generated by the flax in your herbal therapy pillow, very lightly misting its cover with water, prior to heating, will produce additional steaming benefits. Note: be sure to use a very light mist so that your pillow's cover doesn't get saturated with water, which could adversely affect its inner herb & flax contents.

COLD THERAPY ~ Can I chill my herbal therapy pillow to use on sprains or for migraines?
Yes, most definitely! Chilled pillows, when used as cold compresses, increase circulation & oxygenation of surrounding tissues, & help to speed healing. They are very effective not only for sprains & migraine relief, but also work great for cooling sunburn, fever, hot flashes, inflammation, eye strain, nerve pain, bruises, or post operative healing. My therapy pillows are more 'user friendly' than rigid, cold gel packs, as they tend to 'hug' the body for effective, yet comfortable relief. Also, the feeling of coldness they give off is deep, yet soothing - not sharp or painful, like a typical gel pack. An added bonus - no gooey leaks! Your pillow may be placed in a sealed plastic bag & chilled in your freezer for 1 or 2 hours. It will then stay cool for app. 30 minutes, depending on its size. PLEASE NOTE: You may choose to keep our smaller flax pacs chilled at all times, as they are great for boo boos, bumps, bruises, sprains, minor emergencies, etc. If so, I encourage you to keep your pillow in its original plastic bag  - otherwise you risk moisture being introduced into your pillow. Over a period of time, this can weaken the potency of the herbs within, & cause the flax shells to become hard & cakey.

TLC ADVANTAGE ~ Is there an advantage to using a TLC pillow over my electric heat pad?
Absolutely! It has recently come to light that traditional heating pads, which generate electrical currents, can produce negative, undesirable results in the human body. Also, besides the advantages of moist, soothing heat versus dry heat generated by most heating pads, I love the idea of no cord or electrical outlet to be concerned with. That means no fire hazard while you are sleeping, which certainly helps with peace of mind! Plus, most new heating pads will turn themselves off after an hour or so. I've found my larger pillows retain much of their warmth under cozy covers for hours! With the addition of soothing weight to comfort tired, sore bodies, the ability to conform snugly to any area of the body, plus their portability & ease of use anywhere, any time - I feel my herbal therapy pillows outperform electric heating pads, hands down! There's just no comparison!

CARE & CLEANING ~ How do I clean & care for my TLC pillow?
NEVER place your TLC herbal therapy pillow in water! It may be easily spot cleaned by wiping it with a slightly damp cloth & a few drops of mild soap, but avoid too much water, as you don't wish to get the inner contents wet. Another method I like is 'shampooing' it with a small dab of foam based 'dry' shampoo. Lastly, you may empty your pillow of it's contents, turn inside out, brush off remaining flax & herbs, gently wash & dry by hand or machine, then refill your pillow using a wide mouthed funnel. This method, however, is not applicable for baffled designs, as they can't be turned inside out.

Again ~ your pillow will retain its scent longer if stored in a plastic bag between uses, & always place it in a sealed plastic bag prior to placing it in the freezer. Do not stretch excessively. Although my pillows are sewn with a rugged back stitch, it is conceivable that treated roughly enough, a tear could occur. And lastly, be sure that your pillow's sturdy hook-n-loop seal is locked securely at all times to avoid content spillage.                                                          

~ Are there any considerations when using a pillow on my child?
Many TLC pillows make wonderful 'Mother's Helpers', & have been used with much success! My herbal therapy pillows can help soothe a colicky baby, as well as an infant or child experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort. Please be advised: ALWAYS TEST A HEATED PILLOW ON YOURSELF BEFORE PLACING ON OR UNDER YOUR CHILD, & TO AVOID ACCIDENTAL SUFFOCATION, USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN LEAVING AN INFANT UNATTENDED WITH AN UNPROTECTED PILLOW IN A BASSINET OR CRIB!

PET SAFETY ~ What if my dog eats his Pet Storm Bandana?
In researching the safety of herbs - I've been careful to omit any in our Anxiety Bandana known to have harmful side effects on canines, should indigestion accidentally occur. . . For reference,  the following herbs should be avoided when considering ANY natural alternative involving your pets: Pennyroyal, Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey, White Willow Bark, Ma Huang, Wormwood, Garlic, Mistletoe, Chaparral, Feverfew, Lobelia, Meadowsweet, & Alfalfa.

If you have any questions about TLC products not answered here, I am happy to take phone calls or texts, & look forward to earning your business: 727-430-9858