1. Shell Incense Holder

Shell Incense Holder

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Shell & 'Pearl' Incense Holder & Ash Catcher

I designed this cute, ocean themed incense holder to hold the incense stick & catch its ashes, while not taking up a lot of space ~ a personal favorite! It consists of an all natural sea shell accented by a faux pearl which holds the stick. Very cute, this is the incense holder I use & enjoy on a daily basis. 

Note: I've found this works best by trimming the bottom of your incense stick about an inch. Place inside the hole, then eyeball your incense & gently bend it at the base so it is as straight as possible & perpendicular to the shell.... this way the ashes drop straight down into the hollow of the seashell.

Dimensions:  Approximately 3" wide x 3" deep x 1 3/4" high