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Sinus Pac ~ Mentholated or Lavender Blend Sinus Pillow

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Sinus Pillow to relieve sinus pressure & headaches

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Dimensions:  10" x 6" - 1.25 lb. 

Weightier than my smaller eye pillows, the 1.24 lb.Sinus Pac has been designed to fully cover the eyes, forehead, and temples. It may be warmed or chilled; providing much needed, natural relief for congestion associated with blocked sinus passages, as well as for those who suffer with migraines & tension headaches.

This wonderfully soothing pillow comes filled with the blend of your choice, although I highly recommend my Lavender Sky or Just Breathe menthol herbal blend! As you recline, draping the Sinus Pac over your sinus areas, tension, discomfort & congestion will subside as the warmth, gentle compression, & special blend of herbs & spices aids in your relief. Many have found this therapy followed by a gentle facial massage especially effective in the draining of sinus cavities.

So refreshing when chilled, the Sinus Pac also helps soothe & reduce eye puffiness & swelling! Very effective!              

Fabric Colors Herbal Blends for this therapy pillow may be viewed in detail by clicking on these links.