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Sleep Mask

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Eye Mask with strap to wear while sleeping to block out all light

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Retreat into your own private world with my lightly weighted Sleep Mask. It is extremely comfortable, & perfect for soothing the senses & helping contribute to that oh-so-needed down time - plus it's guaranteed to block out light, no matter what your color choice! A truly delightful, aromatic way to gently ease you into a deep & restful sleep!

Your mask may be easily adjusted for comfort, & is gently secured with a 1/2" satin, elastic strap. No Velcro® fastener to snag hair! I think it feels like a soft, puffy little cloud. While I highly recommend my Lavender Sky or French Lavender herbs due to their gentle, sedating effects, you may choose any herb you want.. Nighty Night!

Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.5" - 2 oz.

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