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Small Comfort Wrap ~ 3 lb Microwavable Heated Neck Wrap

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Horse shoe shaped neck pillow - 3 lb. - hot/cold pain relief

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Dimensions: 14" x 11" - 3 lb.

Professionals:  My small Comfort Wrap is 1.5 lb. lighter than the large Comfort Wrap. Due to the fact that it requires less heating time, practitioners prefer TLC's small Comfort Wrap to start the relaxation process in their waiting area, prior to their clients actual sessions!

This is the perfect size comfort pillow for busy dentists, oral surgeons offices, or for any practitioner who desires to provide additional levels of service designed to calm & soothe anxious patients.

Home Users: My smaller pillow features all the terrific benefits of the large Comfort Wrap, but sized for children, Seniors, small adults, & those with weight restrictions, diminished muscle tone, or for those simply desiring the benefits of moist heat & aromatherapy, but not the weight.

One of my most popular pillows, it's hard to go wrong when choosing the small Comfort Wrap as a great gift idea!

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