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Square Microwavable Heating Pad

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3 lb. all purpose square heating pad

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Dimensions:  12" x 12" - 3 lb.

This versatile, 3 lb. heat pad is great for relief of shoulder, back, hip, abdomen, & chest pain. It can also be wrapped around calves or thighs for nighttime leg cramps, or simply placed at the foot of your bed to warm cold feet. The Square Heating Pad also makes a nice lap snuggler & may be used to balance checks on, prop up your laptop comfortably, or keep a plate of food warm. Fold it up & tuck it between you & your chair to fill that gap in the small of your back or neck while working or relaxing. It just makes a great, all purpose heating pad for the whole body!

Remaining warm for hours under bed covers, another benefit my heating pad offers is that unlike regular electric heating pads, there's no danger of burns, accidentally starting a fire, or experiencing negative side effects electrical currents may have on the body!

A household must-have, this innovative heating pad features 3 baffled channels to keep its flax & herbs evenly distributed. As a gift idea, you just can't go wrong, because this practical, easy to travel with pillow is sure to be appreciated & used for years.

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