1. Sweetgrass Braid

Sweetgrass Braid

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Dimensions:  Each braid is approximately 4" long x 1/2" in diameter

Sweetgrass, like white sage & palo santo, is used for 'smudging', cleansing, & purification. It has the fragrance of a sweet, fresh meadow ~ so pretty. Harvested in the US, it can be found in marshes, low prairies, & wet meadows. My sticks are braided & secured with removable clear bands. Because it is grass, Sweetgrass will burn the fastest of the three, so most users simply hold it horizontally over a bowl & waft the gentle smoke towards their nostrils, eyes, ears, heart, etc. Ahhhh.

Note: this is one product that is very dependent upon the growing & harvesting season. Sometimes I have it, other times I don't... I did want to include it however, in my 'cleansing' lineup because it's been enjoyed as a time honored tradition in many of our Native American cultures.