1. TLC Defense ~ Germ Fighting Essential Oil Blend

TLC Defense ~ Germ Fighting Essential Oil Blend

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TLC Defense Germ Fighting Blend ~ Let's Stay Healthy!

59 ml / 2 fl. oz glass bottle with glass dropper ..........Also offered in 10 ml bottle ~ Essential Oils

Ever wonder why some companies charge 4x as much as they need to, when they could still get a very nice profit and charge waaay less? It's how they are structured. All MLM companies have a few things in common: 

1. An excellent, effective product

2. A huge marketing machine that effectively convinces their customers that theirs, & ONLY theirs is the real deal...no one else has their quality, etc. 

3. An exorbitant fee for their 'superior' product.

My thoughts are, if you are comfortable paying 4 times as much as you need to for essentially the exact, high quality product you could find for less... Have at it & God bless you! You are not my customer.

If, on the other hand, the veil has been sort of lifted for you & you want to pay far less, I encourage you to try my TLC Defense. It consists of the same five main ingredients as Geevs Oil (as in, geeee, why ya gotta charge so much?) .... Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, & Sweet Orange .... (One company uses Lemon - the other Orange - for me it was simply the fact that I love a good, strong Orange scent.)  Try it; you'll like just as well, & your budget will thank you. :)