1. White Sage Bundle

White Sage Bundle

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Fresh & Fragrant White Sage Bundle

Dimensions:  Approximately 4" long x 1" in diameter

Something I never tire of is the beautiful, earthy aroma of freshly bundled white sage! There's simply nothing else like it. My sage is securely tied with string, and each stick is a thick, hearty, impressive size. Some burn sage to 'smudge' their homes, & feel it is beneficial in eliminating bad energy while allowing for more positivity to surround their space. Personally, I just love the fact that White Sage eliminates close to 95% of all active airborne germs ~ just as essential oils are often used effectively in cleaning products, this is a wonderful addition for cleansing your home, and is especially useful when used to sanitize a sick room. Grown, gathered, and carefully chosen leaves from the western regions of the US, I know you will be very happy with the quality of my sage bundles!