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Wholesale Inquiries

I am happy to offer my Spa Therapy Pillows for as little as $200 initial start up cost.(40% profit)

Pet Retailers & Veterinarians: Your start up investment for TLC's popular Placid Pet Bandanas is only $156. (12 minimum at $13 each - 50% profit)

Orders must be paid in full prior to shipping, & you may be asked to provide a copy of one of these forms listed below for TLC taxes:

 State Tax ID Number (used for reporting sales tax to your state)

Non-Profit Status Form (for those with a not-for-profit status)

   Health Care License (for all practicing health care professionals)

Would you prefer the Spa Pillows you order from TLC carry your own personal label? No problem - I am happy to accommodate! Call for details...


Thanks for your inquiry! I prefer talking with my potential retailers by phone first to discuss the best way TLC can meet your needs & expectations.

Call Diane at 727-430-9858 or email me with your questions. I look forward to hearing from you & hopefully partnering with you & your retail business soon!